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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jun 4, 2021

4 in 10 women struggle with their financial wellbeing as a result of a focus on short-term finances.

According to the latest Aegon Financial Wellbeing Index, women wait until later in life than men to determine what they truly want from their finances.

In this episode of Talking Money, Martin and Hannah discuss why women's financial wellbeing is suffering because of a focus on short-term finances.

They also look at the new rules being introduced by the FCA to stamp out the systematic scam of insurer price walking, and they talk about new research that suggests we are counting our inheritance chickens before they hatch.

Welcome to episode 20 of Talking Money, with Martin Bamford and Hannah Godfrey.

In each episode of Talking Money, we take a topical look at the big money stories of the week, putting our personal spin on the news.