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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jul 6, 2020

Living your best life someday starts with saving smarter for retirement.

My guests on the podcast today are Allison Tom and Dylin Redling, authors of Start Your F.I.R.E.: A Modern Guide to Early Retirement.

Allison and Dylin are a married couple who achieved financial independence back in 2015, in their early 40s,...

Jun 29, 2020

If you’re thinking about or are in the process of splitting up with your partner, this podcast episode is for you.

Laura Naser is a Senior Associate Solicitor in the family law department at Penningtons Manches Cooper.

She’s the recipient of the Lexis Nexis Family Law Awards Commentator of the Year 2019, and has won...

Jun 22, 2020

The German poet Theodor Fontane once wrote: A good aphorism contains the wisdom of an entire book in one sentence.

In his new book, The Art of a Successful Life, Dr Rainer Zitelmann goes a step further, collating a myriad of quotes all of which offer insights to inspire you to think about yourself, your life and your...

Jun 15, 2020

My guest on the podcast today is Michael Houghton, host of The Irish FIRE Podcast.

Michael originally hails from New Zealand, but has lived in Ireland for the past decade.

He graduated from the University of Auckland in 2005 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management and Entrepreneurship.

In the time since,...

Jun 8, 2020

When you think about new investment trends, what pops into your head?

Bitcoin? Renewable energy? Cannabis?

Today on the podcast we’re talking about investing in medical marijuana, with my guest Stuart Forbes.

Stuart is a co-founder of Rize ETF and their product lead.

Rize ETF develop Exchange Traded Funds offering...