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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Sep 29, 2017

This week on the show, we’re talking about stemming the tide of rising consumer debt.

This is for you if you’ve got any unsecured consumer debts – things like store cards, credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans, car loans.

We also discuss some of the issues with rising debt levels in the UK and how you can...

Sep 25, 2017


Beth Kempton is lifelong adventurer whose quest for freedom has taken her to the ends of the earth, and given her a catalogue of wild and crazy experiences.

Beth has lived, worked and travelled in 50+ countries on every continent. She has worked with UN agencies, global brands and NGOs all over the world, advising on...

Sep 22, 2017

It's now less than 100 days until Christmas, so for those of us who like to plan ahead, it's really not that long to go.

We've seen some new research this week which shows consumers start their Christmas shopping as soon as they see festive items in the shops, which can be as early as September, but it still takes 42...

Sep 18, 2017

My guest on the podcast today is Marion Shoard.

Marion is acclaimed for her work in environmental activism. She is best known for her work concerning access to the countryside and land use conflicts.

Since 2004 she has also worked in the field of older people's issues, the subject of her latest book and our...

Sep 15, 2017

Today on the show, we're talking about what's in your wallet and all things payment cards.

It's the tenth anniversary of contactless payments in the UK, and we're also going to look at the pros and cons of charge charges and reward cards.

The first contactless cards in the UK were launched in September 2007, with 111...