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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jan 13, 2020

How’s your financial literacy?

As a listener to Informed Choice Radio, I’m guessing it’s pretty good! Certainly better than average!

But, for most people, a lack of financial literacy is a serious challenge. After all, money can be complicated!

My guest on the podcast today is Tina Hay, founder of Napkin Finance.

Tina explains that two-thirds of Americans can’t pass a basic financial literacy test. Nine in ten believe that personal finance should become a required subject in school.

When she attended Harvard Business School, Tina struggled to keep up with her classmates when it came to understanding jargon and numbers-heavy concepts.

As a result, she developed a visual learning strategy using sketches and infographics, which helped her succeed in her studies and master even the most complex financial topics.

Tina went on to create Napkin Finance, a thriving company built around the concept of taking seemingly overwhelming topics – including budgeting, investments and retirement planning – and turning them into simple, skimmable explanations.

Her new book, also called Napkin Finance, includes dozens of individual learning modules, covering everything from credit scores to paying off student loans, to economics and blockchain.

Here’s my conversation with Tina Hay, author of Napkin Finance, in episode 477 of Informed Choice Radio.