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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Apr 16, 2021

It's been a funny old year for investments.

As investors shifted their attention to high-growth tech stocks, perhaps better suited to our new way of life during the pandemic, and central banks unleashed a 'wall of cash', more traditional, so-called cyclical stocks were left behind.

But could that all be about to change, as the global vaccination programme roll-out gathers pace, and we contemplate a return to a new normal?

My guest on the podcast today is Alasdair McKinnon, Manager of the high-conviction, global contrarian Scottish Investment Trust.

The Scottish’s team recently made some meaningful changes to the portfolio which reflect their contrarian view that investors are deeply underestimating the potential for certain stocks to benefit from the economic recovery.

Alasdair sees this as “the start of a multi-year turnaround” for some investments that have been overlooked in recent years and that have been temporarily impacted by the pandemic.

In our conversation today, we cover a lot of ground, including some very important thoughts from Alasdair about why oil and gas are not going away anytime soon.

Here's my conversation with Alasdair McKinnon, manager of The Scottish Investment Trust, in episode 545 of Informed Choice Radio.