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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Oct 26, 2020

My guest on the podcast today has developed an original and compelling approach to forecasting the future and beating investment markets while doing so.

Marko Papic is a Partner and Chief Strategist at Clocktower Group, an alternative investment asset management firm based in Santa Monica, California.

He leads the firm’s Strategy Team, providing bespoke research to clients and partners on geopolitics, macroeconomics, and markets.

Marko holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA from the University of British Columbia.

He’s the author of Geopolitical Alpha: An Investment Framework for Predicting the Future, a book that introduces his constraints-based framework to investors; something we discuss in this episode.

Geopolitical Alpha posits that investors should ignore the media-hyped narratives, insights from “smoke-filled rooms,” and most of their political consultants and, instead, focus exclusively on the measurable, material constraints facing policymakers.

Here’s my conversation with Marko Papic, author of Geopolitical Alpha, in episode 514 of Informed Choice Radio.

We hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

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Thank you again to Marko for being our guest today. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation.

Our producer for this episode was Emma Hill and our editor is James Spooner.

Until next time, I’m Martin Bamford and this is Informed Choice Radio. And remember, when it comes to your money, the more you know, the faster it can grow.