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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Feb 17, 2020

What are the most important prosperity life lessons we should pass on to the next generation?

My guest today has experienced hardship, faced challenges, and found the mindset required to achieve financial freedom.

John Soforic is a real estate investor from Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

He's author of The Wealthy Gardener, a heartwarming series of stories and practical wisdom on entrepreneurship and wealth. John wrote The Wealthy Gardener for his son, as a way to share his prosperity life lessons.

The parable of the Wealthy Gardener is far more than an admonishment to earn more or spend less; it is about timeless principles.As his lessons reveal, financial freedom is a means to power and control over our lives. Without money, we are subject to the demands and whims of others. With money, we are sheltered from the storm, and we can extend that shelter to our loved ones.

Poised to become an intimate financial classic, The Wealthy Gardener inspires readers to find their own noble purpose and relieve their money worries once and for all.

Here’s my conversation with John Soforic, author of The Wealthy Gardener, in episode 482 of Informed Choice Radio.