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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Dec 31, 2018

Today on the show, I take you to Lisbon in Portugal for a conversation with Jose Supico.

Jose is CEO and co-founder of Advicefront, a fintech firm designed from the ground up with the new reality of personalised advice and digital lifestyles in mind.

It’s everything advisers, paraplanners and clients need in one place, from onboarding to advice, to seamless execution.

I was introduced to Jose by our mutual friend Michael Taggart, who agency Foco Global are doing incredible work with fintech companies here in the UK and worldwide. So thank you to Michael for making this conversation happen.

In my conversation with Jose, we discuss how fintech can transform the advice and client relationship, what financial planning can learn from tech giants, and whether AI could ultimately replace the role of the financial planner one day.

Here’s my conversation with Jose Supico, CEO and co-founder of AdviceFront, in episode 385 of Informed Choice Radio.