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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Apr 9, 2021

We’ve saved an average of £1,744 each since last March, spending 65% less overall on typical day-to-day expenses. But what would happen if we invested these lockdown savings for the future?

Also in this episode of Talking Money, why first-time buyers are better off than renters to the tune of £800 this year, and...

Apr 2, 2021

What does it take to live with purpose and retire with confidence?

Our lives have changed dramatically, with the steady employment and affluence enjoyed by the post-war baby boomer generation replaced by a more transient approach to work today.

My guest on the podcast today is Patrick Rush, who shares in his new book...

Mar 26, 2021

With the one-year anniversary of the first national lockdown, it’s a time for reflection. In this episode of Talking Money, we look at new research into how our shopping, spending and television viewing habits have changed in the past 12 months.

We also discuss the revelation that some analysts at investment bank...

Mar 22, 2021

Do you want to live a fulfilled and purposeful life?

Are you unsure how to create the fulfilled life that you’re seeking?

My guest on the podcast today is Jonathan Gibson, a Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Manager and Certified Financial Planner professional.

Jonathan is the author of Purposeful Wealth,...

Mar 19, 2021

Inflation basket changes can have a big impact on your finances. Here’s what you need to know about why these changes are happening and how they may affect your personal experience of price inflation in 2021.

We also talk about why the pandemic has pushed our spending closer to home and how nearly half of defined...