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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Nov 5, 2018

What makes the super rich tick? Is there a specific mindset that sets ultra-high net worth individuals apart from the rest of us?

Are they meticulous planners - or is their wealth an unintended by-product of their entrepreneurial activities? Is it nature or nurture that sets them on the path to great financial success?

In this episode I'm joined by Dr Rainer Zitelmann, author of The Wealth Elite.

Rainer is a renowned German historian, author, management consultant and real estate expert.

His book The Wealth Elite represents one of the most comprehensive modern-day studies of the super rich.

It's based on interviews with members of the financial elite and rigorous academic analysis. This empirical study investigates the link between personality traits and the creation of enormous wealth. In short, the book provides a fascinating insight into the world of the super rich - and how they think, behave and make their fortunes.

Here’s my conversation with Dr Rainer Zitelmann, author of The Wealth Elite, in episode 370 of Informed Choice Radio.