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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jul 21, 2017

Today on the show, jumping ship. Why, when and how to make those big financial changes in your life.

I'll be talking about the big financial decisions, why you need to make then, when the right time is, and how you can approach them for the best chance of success.

If you’re new here, welcome to the show!

I’m Martin Bamford, your host for this podcast. I'm a Chartered Financial Planner, Chartered Wealth Manager and personal finance author.

This is a podcast from Informed Choice, an award-winning firm of Chartered Financial Planners in Cranleigh, Surrey.

Here at Informed Choice, we help you achieve your financial goals in life and make those important decisions with confidence. That’s what this podcast, Informed Choice Radio, is all about.

You can find out more about the podcast, listen to our entire back catalogue of episodes, and find the show notes for this episode at