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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jul 10, 2017

Today on the show, I'm joined by Elle Martinez.

Elle is the creator and award-winning blogger behind Couple Money, a site and podcast dedicated to helping spouses build their marriage and wealth together. 

Each week she interviews financial experts and real-life couples who've achieved impressive financial goals like becoming debt free, starting a business, and retiring early. 

Through her podcast, she finds patterns and habits that help couples become successful. 

In addition to Couple Money, Elle has been a contributing writer to such major media platforms as Business Insider, TurboTax, Entrepreneur, Lending Tree, and many more. 

In her debut book Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money, Elle shares her four-week plan to help couples stop worrying about money and start building wealth together. 

The book helps couples build open and honest communication and get started on the path to financial freedom. By combining personal stories as well as lessons learned from interviewing hundreds of successful couples, Elle shows just how "personal" finance can be, and teaches you how to live a simpler, more stress-free life.

Here's my conversation with Elle Martinez, in episode 239 of Informed Choice Radio.