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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jun 15, 2016

Money worries are a big deal. They can cause a great deal of stress, and that stress can harm our general wellbeing.

In this episode of Informed Choice Radio, I speak to my friend Chris Budd, a very talented author, business coach and Financial Planner, and we talk about creating financial peace of mind.

Chris is the author of the newly published The Financial Wellbeing Book.

His book provides a simple and practical guide to planning your daily and long-term finances by understanding your objectives and motivations. In doing so, it offers respite from the anxiety and stress caused by money problems.

During our conversation, we talk about how Chris’ approach to financial planning is a little different to others in the profession; he explains where the idea for The Financial Wellbeing Book came from and what makes it such an important subject for all of us; and he also shares how writing fiction differs from non-fiction writing.

Welcome to Creating Peace of Mind with Chris Budd, in episode 087 of Informed Choice Radio.

Some questions I ask in this episode

-How do you incorporate coaching into your financial planning process? (05:24)

-Where did the idea for The Financial Wellbeing Book come from and what’s it all about? (11:03)

-What makes financial wellbeing such an important subject? (12:19)

-Are there any practical steps people can take to reduce levels of financial stress and improve their general well being? (13:56)

-Did the experience writing a fiction novel influence your approach to non-fiction? (18:17)

Useful links mentioned in this episode

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-Chris Budd on Twitter

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-Ovation Finance in Bristol


Martin and Informed Choice

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Martin is the author of several bestselling personal finance books and produced his first feature-length documentary in 2014, about the post-war Baby Boomer generation in retirement.

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