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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jul 13, 2020

Life insurance and other types of financial protection form the cornerstone of sound Financial Planning, but do we focus enough on these valuable products?

My guest on the podcast today is Tom Baigrie, Founder and CEO of LifeSearch.

Raised in apartheid South Africa, Tom emigrated to the UK in 1981 aged 20 and got a start as a self-employed insurance salesman.

He sold savings, investments, pensions and tax, but life insurance was the product he most believed in.

LifeSearch proper began in 1998 when Tom and business partner Arthur Davies decided to build a financial services company that would avoid the tricks and the shortcuts, the hustle and the squeeze. They would do right by the customer.

In this conversation, Tom runs us through the three most important forms of individual insurance, and some of the things to think about when taking out cover.

We also chat about financial protection for business owners in these difficult times.

Here’s my conversation with Tom Baigrie, Founder of LifeSearch, in episode 503 of Informed Choice Radio.