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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Nov 9, 2020

One feature of the Covid-19 pandemic is a huge shift towards working from home.

With government advice to work from home if you can, millions of people are facing this reality for the first time.

But what are some of the challenges associated with remote and flexible working?

My guest on the podcast today is Karen Mangia, author of Working from Home: Making the New Normal Work for You.

As a member of the leadership team at Salesforce, Karen has played a pivotal role in creating technology-enabled, virtual experiences and insights.

We know that offices are carefully planned work environments, that emphasise focus and productivity. But what happens when you’re trying to get work done at home when the kids are off school and the dog is barking?

And what happens when you take working from home to the next extreme and decide to relocate to a different part of the country, or to a different part of the world, to secure an even better work-life balance?

Here’s my conversation with Karen Mangia, author of Working from Home, in episode 516 of Informed Choice Radio.