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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Aug 19, 2019

By the year 2050, $50 trillion will change hands in North America in the largest generational wealth transfer ever. It will remake the world and be the biggest money-making opportunity in history.

"Business as usual", founded on exploitation and environmental ruin, is over.

Climate catastrophe, reactionary politics, and widening inequity have put the world on edge. Meanwhile innovations are shifting the economic ground, and an entire generation is pounding the table for real change.

Capitalism is evolving into a force that can restore the planet, transform the global economy, and bring justice to people.

My guest on the podcast today is Joel Solomon, impact investor and change agent.

His book The Clean Money Revolution is part memoir of an inspiring thought leader's journey from presidential campaigner to pioneering investor, part insider's guide to the businesses remaking the world, and part manifesto for a new vision of profit, power, and purpose.

In this episode, I chat with Joel about how our economy is based on the extraction of natural resources or labour, how we might look at the next several hundred years, how technology has taken us beyond what got us here today, and much more.

Here's Joel Solomon in episode 447 of Informed Choice Radio.