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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

I'm passionate about financial education.

As father to three school age children and husband to a primary school teacher, I get to see this subject from the parenting and teaching perspective.

My guest today is Gary Edwards, founder of Keep on Squirrelling, a subsidiary of True Living, whose overall mission is to 'reduce the pain and stress in people's lives and make a difference for love'.

Gary's vision is to be the leading inspiration for improving children's financial education.

It's an important mission. Money problems in adulthood can result in stress, divorce, and even suicide.

By equipping children with the knowledge and tools they need to make better financial decisions, Gary and his team are changing young lives, for the better.

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Here's Gary Edwards, founder of Keep on Squirrelling, in episode 449 of Informed Choice Radio.