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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jul 16, 2018

Earlier this year, Melinda Gates wrote in an op-ed published in Quartz that she and her husband, Bill Gates, would be donating $170 million to empower women all around the world economically.

Gates later wrote that the research indicated that economic power was “the most promising entry point for gender equality.” She and many others believe that when women have economic power, they can write their own rules and reshape how things operate. This goes from the household to the business world.

Did you know women business owners get only 16% of all small business loans, only 4.4% of all dollars lent, and less than 3% of all venture capital funding?

Several reasons are put forth on why this happens, such as women picking low-growth industries, lender/investor bias against women, too few female VCs, etc. But according to Barbara Vrancik, a financial consultant and my guest on the podcast today, who specializes in helping female CEOs become more financially savvy, these reasons alone can’t account for the huge disparity between men and women.

Barbara Vrancik has been a trusted professional in the finance industry for more than 30 years. During her time as a corporate finance partner with a prestigious New York law firm, she represented many of the largest financial institutions on Wall Street. As a finance industry insider who sat on both sides of the table, she is now bringing her extensive experience to small business.

Today, Barbara is a financial consultant who works primarily with female business owners helping them become more financially competent, confident and compelling in business. She is a trusted advisor to her clients and valued for her confidentiality, commitment, integrity and objectivity.

Barbara’s message is a simple, but powerful one: By understanding a few basic principles, implementing some sound finance strategies, and learning from an “insider” how the game is played, your business can win — and WIN BIG.