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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Aug 25, 2017

This week on the show, I'm talking about demystifying car finance and I'm joined by Stuart Masson, founder of The Car Expert.

There's also the aftershow segment, which this week includes an important announcement about this podcast, so stay tuned to find out more.

Stuart Masson

Stuart founded The Car Expert in 2011.

Originally from Australia, he's got a passion for cars and the car industry.

He spent a decade in automotive retail, and now works tirelessly to help car buyers by providing independent and impartial advice.

Personal finance news

-UK savers are putting less money into cash savings accounts. The latest figures from High Street banks show personal deposits grew by 2.3% in July.

-Identity theft levels in the UK have risen to "epidemic levels", according to the fraud prevention organisation Cifas. Nearly 500 identity frauds are reported daily, with victims most likely to be in their thirties or forties.

-A care home chief has warned the sector is "teetering on the edge" as a result of a chronic shortage of funding which risks "catastrophic failure" within the NHS. Dr Chai Patel, chairman of care home operator HC-One, has predicted in The Times that six national chains could dominate the market.

-New research from MoneySavingExpert has found household expenditure is rising more slowly than price inflation. It suggests the so-called "cost of living squeeze" might be less pronounced than previously believed.

-Consumer group Which? has reported a sharp rise in small homes. Which? reports the number of new build micro-homes in the UK grew by 40% last year.