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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Mar 16, 2020

My guest on the podcast today is Andy Ramage.

Andy’s background in professional sport and running a busy financial brokerage in London has created a unique set of skills and experience that flow through his work. His love of learning and a masters degree in positive psychology and coaching psychology add a scientific approach to his upbeat, positive coaching style.

Andy’s latest book, ‘Let’s do this’ is designed specifically for all those who struggle with willpower and who can’t quite achieve those new years resolution type goals. Which is almost everyone. Because willpower doesn’t work.

Let’s do this is a 28-day masterclass that will show the reader how to master their motivation – because motivation is a skill that anyone can learn when they know how. Andy walks the reader through a motivational journey that will show them an exact process for achieving any goal.

Andy is also a master practitioner of NLP, a mindfulness-based awareness coach, a much sought-after speaker, author and podcaster.

Here’s my conversation with Andy Ramage, author of Let’s Do This, in episode 486 of Informed Choice Radio.