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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jul 30, 2021

Getting divorced can be an expensive business.

Where divorcing parties end up in court to settle their financial arrangements, those legal expenses can become substantial.

My guest on the podcast today is Charlotte Plowman, an Associate Solicitor at Family Law Partners in Horsham.

Charlotte has specialist expertise advising in all aspects of family breakdown and divorce, dissolution or separation, including the financial aspects and arrangements for children.

She provides advice in cases which involve significant and complex financial assets held within the UK and internationally. Such cases often include foreign assets, pensions, business interests and dissipation of assets.

In our conversation today, we look at what divorce means for your money.

Charlotte explains the various options for negotiating and reaching a financial settlement, and why ending up in front of a judge is likely to be a very bad idea.

Here’s my conversation with Charlotte Plowman from Family Law Partners, in episode 560 of Informed Choice Radio.