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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jan 22, 2021

In this episode of Talking Money from Informed Choice Radio; an indication that the house price boom might be over; TikTok influencers talking utter rubbish about trading stocks; and the closure of more local bank branches.

Welcome to episode 6 of Talking Money, with Martin Bamford and Hannah Godfrey.

In each episode of Talking Money, we take a topical look at the big money stories of the week, putting our personal spin on the news.

Property prices appear to be in decline, after property portal Rightmove reported a drop in asking prices.

Between 6th December and 9th January, the asking prices for flats and houses listed for sale were 0.9% lower than a month earlier.

The fall in asking prices means that the annual measure of growth fell from 6.6% to 3.3%.

Social media platform TikTok is home to some highly entertaining but also quite scary investment influencers.

The Twitter account @tiktokinvestors highlights some ridiculous examples of terrible investment advice, which Martin and Hannah discuss in this episode.

Banking giant HSBC has announced plans to close another 82 branches this year.

With a new report from consumer group Which? suggesting a further decline in cash accessibility, is this the end of cash as we know it?