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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

My guest on the podcast today is Dan Warburton.

Despite his great ambition to create, live and share an extraordinary lifestyle, Dan spent most of his life dealing with sadness, anxiety and frustration.

He struggled to fit in at school and college, failed in numerous business ventures, and couldn't find a way to make his father proud.

Dan went on a mission of discovery, to learn why he found himself continually failing in various aspects of his life.

After reading hundreds of self-development books, and even heading into the Himalayas for a retreat, Dan implemented what he learned and created the life he wanted, and a proven system for creating a dream entrepreneur lifestyle.

Dan wrote Dream It, Choose It, Live It, where he shares his story and the key insights from his process of self-discovery, along with his 5-step transformation process.

In this conversation today, I chat with Dan about the mental baggage which can so often hold us back, sometimes without us realising. We discuss the importance of silencing the distractions and loved-ones who hold us back from leading the lives we want, and also the importance of kaizen - continuous self-improvement.

Here's my conversation with Dan Warburton, transformational coach, in episode 512 of Informed Choice Radio.