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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Dec 30, 2016

Welcome to Best of 2016 Part Three, in episode 155 of Informed Choice Radio.

This is the third in a three part episode showcasing the best of Informed Choice Radio in 2016.

It’s been an incredible year for the podcast, with more than 27,000 episode downloads in the past twelve months, 89 new episodes and 44 expert guest interviews.

In part three of this three-part ‘best of’, we’re sharing some of our favourite guests from 2016.

In part one, we revisited guests who talked about money management, ageing and the economy. In part two, the themes were investing, our American friends, and financial scams.

Today in part three, we’re bringing you some of the guests who talked about behavioural economics, pensions and FinTech. 

Welcome to Best of 2016 (Part Three), in episode 155 of Informed Choice Radio.

Interviews mentioned in this episode

-Lynda Shaw

-Daniel Crosby

-Steve Webb

-Richard Parkin

-Alistair McQueen

-Gemma Godfrey

-Tom Blomfield

Thank you for listening!

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