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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Apr 30, 2021

Our global economic system is broken.

The experience of the past 12 months, living through an unprecedented global pandemic, has illustrated the need to find a new way.

My guest on the podcast today is Peter Vanham, co-author of Stakeholder Capitalism, written with his World Economic Forum colleague Professor Klaus Schwab.

Stakeholder Capitalism explores why things need to change and how we can create a global economy that works for progress, people and the planet.

It’s all about eliminating rising income equality (a problem that has become dramatically worse throughout the pandemic), and also reducing the dampening effect of monopoly market power wielded by large corporations on innovation and productivity gains.

This manifesto for change also addresses the short-sighted exploitation of natural resources; something that is corroding the environment and affecting the lives of many for the worse.

Peter is Head of Communications, Chairman’s Office at the World Economic Forum. He’s an economist, entrepreneur and freelance journalist.

During our conversation today, we discuss the role of modern unions, whether moving to Stakeholder Capitalism requires The Great Reset, and some examples of Stakeholder Capitalism already in action.

Here’s my conversation with Peter Vanham, co-author of Stakeholder Capitalism, in episode 547 of Informed Choice Radio.