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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Apr 13, 2020

We could all do with a little self-nourishment right now.

My guest on the podcast today is Dr Alka Patel.

Alka is a GP, lifestyle medicine physician and health coach.

She's been a medical doctor for more than 20 years but realised her professional career meant her own health was placed on the backburner. The resulting burnout left Alka in a hospital bed.

Alka discovered the hard way that her career in isolation wasn't supplying her with the energy, resilience, strength and happiness she needed. And that prioritising her health was by far the most important thing she needed to do to help her career flourish.

According to Alka, creativity, productivity and longevity are all achieved when you give yourself the self-nourishment you need to feed your professional soul.

Here's my conversation with Dr Alka Patel, in episode 490 of Informed Choice Radio.