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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

My guest on the podcast today is Michael Houghton, host of The Irish FIRE Podcast.

Michael originally hails from New Zealand, but has lived in Ireland for the past decade.

He graduated from the University of Auckland in 2005 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management and Entrepreneurship.

In the time since, he’s established businesses in a variety of industries including e-commerce, IT services, financial trading and forestry.

I’m a huge fan of having conversations about FIRE, and I’m increasingly learning that no two FIRE practitioners follow the same path.

In our conversation today, we touch on a couple of really important points.

Firstly, the importance of not exchanging your time for money. Michael describes Financial Independence (FI) as a time/freedom journey.

Secondly, we talk about legacy, making the best possible use of that time and freedom.

Michael is active within his local community, establishing new junior hockey clubs, as well as establishing new native forests in Ireland.

Unlike many FIRE practitioners, Michael believes in taking a more hands-on approach to investing.


Here’s my conversation with Michael Houghton, host of The Irish FIRE Podcast, in episode 499 of Informed Choice Radio.