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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Dec 18, 2017

My guest on the podcast today is Nick Tucker, Head of UK Domestic at UBS Wealth Management.

Nick is the author of a new report called What's it all for?; Wealth and the next generation.

The question of what wealth is fundamentally for has no single answer, and will be a deeply personal matter for most individuals.

UBS have created a report that brings together eight different case studies, highlighting some of the real challenges and dilemmas faced by different families when it comes to making plans for transferring wealth to the next generation.

Is wealth simply to be enjoyed by the people who have made it?

Those with children and grandchildren will usually feel a sense of responsibility to their descendants. Setting them up in life, though, without taking away their drive and incentives for success, is a complicated task.

No two situations are the same, but you may recognise elements of each in your own story.

Here's my conversation with Nick Tucker, all about Wealth and the Next Generation, in episode 292 of Informed Choice Radio.