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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Nov 20, 2017

My guest on the podcast today is Paul Riseborough, Chief Commercial Officer of Metro Bank and co-author of Naked Banking: The Truth About Banks and You.

We all depend on banks. They help us save and they help us spend. Yet for many they represent everything that's wrong with the world of finance.

Poor service, high fees, creaking IT infrastructure and a market controlled by just a few providers have combined in recent years to create a personal banking crisis every bit as severe as the global financial crisis.

How have things got so bad? Why are banks unable to balance providing good customer service with making a profit? And what can we do to protect ourselves from the tricks banks play to part us with our hard-earned money?

Paul Riseborough is co-author of a new book, Naked Banking, that reveals why banks do the things they do. Most importantly, by sharing these insider secrets, Paul and his fellow authors allow us to make better choices in our dealings with banks.

Here's my conversation with Paul Riseborough, Chief Commercial Officer of Metro Bank and author of Naked Banking, in episode 284 of Informed Choice Radio.