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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Oct 2, 2017

My guest on the show today is behind a beautiful new book called Walking in the Rain.

Ruth Williams is Managing Director at Department Store for the Mind. She's a business psychologist with a Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology.

The Department Store for the Mind is described as a place to explore the world inside your head: a vast and unique terrain of thoughts, ideas, emotions and memories.

They believe think the journey into our own minds is the most challenging but worthwhile adventure any of us can embark on. As with any great adventure, it helps to have good kit. The products from Department Store for the Mind are designed to help you navigate your inner landscape, discovering and celebrating your best capacities.

Their book, Walking in the Rain, shows readers how walking is "medicine for the mind", complete with stories from artists, designers, writers, psychologists and speakers who have been inspired by the effect of pacing outdoors.

Anecdotes range from walks in the city to hikes through woods at dawn and epic adventures involving long journeys on foot, with writers offering up the relateable lessons they learned as a result.

Here's my conversation with Ruth Williams, managing director of Department Store for the Mind, in episode 270 of Informed Choice Radio.