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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Aug 21, 2017

How to do you make your decisions?

The decisions we make every day – frequently automatic and incredibly fast – impact every area of our lives.

My guest on the show today is an expert when it comes to making decisions in an increasing complex world.

Michael Nicholas is author of The Little Black Book of Decision Making. His book delves into the cognition behind decision making, guiding you through the different ways your mind approaches various scenarios.

Michael is a coach, corporate trainer and professional speaker. He works with leaders and teams from organisations ranging from medium size, entrepreneurial businesses up to leading FTSE companies, specialising in helping them to improve their business performance and release more of every individual’s potential.

In addition, he's trained several hundred people globally to become effective coaches and occasionally provides one-on-one help for wealthy, private clients.

In this episode, I chat to Michael about why it's becoming harder to make the right decisions, the role cognitive dissonance plays, how we can neutralise some of our inherent biases, striking the right balance between intuition and logic, evolutionary traits that no longer serve as well in modern society, a more mindful approach to rational decision making, and much more.

Here's my conversation with Michael Nicholas, author of The Little Black Book of Decision Making, in episode 257 of Informed Choice Radio.