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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Aug 7, 2017

My guest on the show today is Marion McGovern.

Marion was the founder and CEO of M Squared Consulting, one of the first gig economy talent intermediaries before the term was even coined. 

She also founded Collabrus, a company focused on independent contractor compliance. 

Marion is the author of A New Brand of Expertise: How Independent Consultants, Free Agents, and Interim Managers Are Transforming the World of Work. 

Her new book is Thriving in the Gig Economy.

So much has changed in the world of work in the past five years. Technology firms including Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit and Instacart have created a new 'gig economy', which is rarely out of the headlines. 

But most of the media focus is on the low end of the skill spectrum; little attention is being paid to the best-in-class professionals who have chosen an independent path. 

In this episode, I chat to Marion about how the gig economy differs from the sharing economy, whether millennials fit into the gig economy differently to baby boomers, the role of the individual in this new workplace, how the gig economy can be a positive force for all involved, where best in class professionals fit in, and much more.

If you enjoy our conversation, and I hope you do, please take just a minute to connect with Marion on Twitter. You can find her there at @marionmcgovern. Mention me too, @martinbamford. 

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Here's my conversation with Marion McGovern, author of Thriving in the Gig Economy.