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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jul 26, 2017

My guest on the show today specialises in helping people craft their life after age 50.

George Schofield, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and developmental/organizational psychologist who advises clients on retirement and career planning.

He's author of the new book How Do I Get There from Here?: Planning for Retirement When the Old Rules No Longer Apply.

Our conversation today is all about how retirement has changed and what we need to do to craft a meaningful life after age 50.

We used to all know what retirement meant. It used to be pretty simple. Work until 65, 'retire', and then coast through your golden years with a comfortable nest egg to fund your lifestyle.

But longer lives have changed everything. It's common these days to live until 90, or older. It's harder than ever before to save for the future. The concept of a 'job for life' is gone and employer pension schemes are less generous than before. 

George believes the changes ahead require an incremental approach to planning—and you better begin now.

In How Do I Get There From Here, George explains why the new After 50 Lifestyle calls for more than money: it demands conscious engagement, diverse interests, and the ability to adapt. 

His book helps you plot your direction for the coming decades. 

The first step is to acknowledge where you are—reviewing your assets, both the tangible (e.g. finances, health, relationships) and intangible (e.g. unfulfilled ambitions and new intentions). Then self-reflective questions and exercises walk you through imagining your future, identifying skills you'll need, and preparing for inevitable twists and turns along the way.

Here's my conversation with George Schofield, author of How Do I Get There from Here?: Planning for Retirement When the Old Rules No Longer Apply, in episode 246 of Informed Choice Radio.