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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jun 21, 2017

Today on the show I'm joined by Andy Bell, founder and chief executive of AJ Bell, and author of The DIY Investor.

Andy co-founded AJ Bell in 1995, having spent a number of years working within the financial services sector.

An actuary by training, he has built AJ Bell into one of the largest providers of low-cost, online investment platforms and stockbroker services in the UK.

Andy is the principal driving force behind the business, which has grown to look after more than 152,000 customers with investment assets under administration exceeding £36 billion.

In his book The DIY Investor, Andy shows you how to plan your financial future through do-it-yourself investing.

He shows you how to build a long-term investment portfolio using a range of low-cost, tax-efficient strategies. Andy also provides expert guidance and industry insights suitable for first-time investors and those who are more experienced.

The DIY Investor teaches you the skills and strategies you need to take control of your investments and manage your money in the years ahead.

Here's my conversation with Andy Bell, in episode 231 of Informed Choice Radio.

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