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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jun 7, 2017

My guest on the podcast today is Phil Oakley, author of the new book How to Pick Quality Shares.

Phil is an investment analyst and private investor. He works for Ionic Information, the makers of the market-leading ShareScope and SharePad software for private investors.

Phil spent 13 years as a professional investment analyst, with ten years working for fund managers and stockbrokers in the City.

He left the City in 2009 and began writing educational articles for private investors. He was senior investment writer for MoneyWeek for three years before starting his current role.

In his new book, How to Pick Quality Shares, Phil provides a three-step process for analysing company financial information to find good investments. This process covers finding quality companies; avoiding dangerous or risky companies; and not paying too much for companies’ shares.

By applying the in-depth techniques described in the book, investors will have a fuller understanding of how companies really work, and will develop an edge over other investors, including professional investors and analysts.

In this episode of Informed Choice Radio, I talk to Phil about what investors should be looking for, what are the warning signs that might be particularly risky or even dangerous for an investor and much more.

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