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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

May 3, 2017

My guest on the podcast today is Dr Gleb Tsipursky.

Gleb is founder of Intentional Insights; a nonprofit that empowers people to refine and reach their goals by providing research-based content to help improve thinking, feeling, and behaviour patterns.

His primary vocation is helping people, organisations, and society as a whole use science-based decision-making and emotional and social intelligence to avoid disaster.

Gleb explains that, at their root, disasters stem from poor decisions. People make bad decisions in their everyday lives, which results in them losing money, time, relationships, health, and happiness. 

This is a conversation of two parts. We start by chatting about purpose; the techniques we can use to live a more meaningful life and the role politics plays in finding purpose. And then we move onto decision making. I ask Gleb what's at stake when we make important financial decisions and who is most likely to make bad decisions.

Welcome to Purpose & Bad Decisions, with Gleb Tsipursky, in episode 208 of Informed Choice Radio.

Some questions I ask:

-How did you become a disaster avoidance expert? What does the career path look like to become that?

-What methods and techniques can be used to live a more meaningful life?

-What role do politics have to play when it comes to a sense of meaning and purpose?

-Something else I've seen you write about is the use of rituals and celebrations in order to construct our own personal sense of meaning and purpose. Does that also fit into this sense of community, and, I'm also guessing, into self reflection, too?

-What's at stake when we make really important financial decisions?

Thank you for listening!

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