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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jan 20, 2017

I’m a parent to three wonderful children.

As all three grow up, we are very aware of the importance of teaching them about money.

There’s slightly more pressure on me to do a great job at this, as a parent and a Financial Planner!

In this episode of Informed Choice Radio, I share 10 important money lessons to teach your kids.

This covers budgeting, delayed gratification, making choices, and much more.

To get you started, click here for the comprehensive checklist of all 10 lessons and some valuable notes (it’s FREE!). Get my detailed checklist here!

Click here to download the free PDF

Personal finance news update

-Tens of thousands of grandparents could be missing out on National Insurance credits worth £231 a year when they retire.

-House price inflation is on the rise, at 6.7% for the year to the end of November.

-Lenders have reported a growing number of borrowers who are facing difficulties repaying loans and overdrafts at the end of last year.

-Rich Kids of Instagram wannabes are taking advantage of credit and rented schemes to replicate lavish lifestyles portrayed on social media, according to new research.

-Over a third of Brits are worried about falling victim to fraud, according to new research.

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Too Much of a Good Thing: How Four Key Survival Traits Are Now Killing Us by Lee Goldman

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