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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Nov 28, 2016

My guest for this episode of Informed Choice Radio is Gary Antonacci.

Gary has over 40 years’ experience as an investment professional, focusing on underexploited investment opportunities.

Since receiving his MBA from Harvard, Gary has concentrated on researching, developing and applying innovative investment strategies that have their basis in academic research.

His research on momentum investing was the first place winner in 2012 of the prestigious Wagner Awards for Advances in Active Investment Management, an annual award from the National Association of Active Investment Managers.

Gary’s research introduced the investment world to dual momentum; this combines relative strength price momentum with trend following absolute momentum.

Gary is the author of Dual Momentum Investing: An Innovative Strategy for Higher Returns with Lower Risk.

The book is based on Gary’s award-winning work and presents an easy-to-understand, straightforward model that transforms momentum concepts into an actionable investing strategy called Global Equity Momentum.

By combining relative-strength momentum and absolute momentum, the book explains a proven methodology to help investors take advantage of intramarket trends while avoiding large drawdowns.

In this episode of Informed Choice Radio, I speak to Gary about how momentum investing works, what his research into dual momentum investing found, the reasons why all investors don’t follow momentum strategies, and what happens in a market where asset prices are closely correlated.

Welcome to Dual Momentum Investing with Gary Antonacci, in episode 141 of Informed Choice Radio.

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Some questions I ask

-Can you explain in simple terms how momentum investing works?

-Does momentum investing come with any guarantees, or can future performance vary?

-What happens when the two main styles of momentum investing are combined?

-Why aren’t all fund managers and investors following momentum strategies?

-Can momentum investing be applied using active management as well as passive approaches?

Thank you for listening!


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