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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Oct 29, 2018

In this episode I'm joined by Brian Dennehy, a veteran of the financial services profession and regular media commentator for more than 20 years.

Brian's written his first book. It's called Clueless: New research uncovers the story of two extraordinary financial mysteries, massive investor losses, and a brilliantly straightforward blueprint to achieve huge profits from investment funds.

This first book from Brian pulls no punches, and is absolutely essential reading for any investor, big or small, experienced or beginner.

There is a happy ending of course, as Brian explains how to make extraordinary profits from ordinary investment funds, year after year - whether within a multi-million pound portfolio, or an ISA or SIPP.

Supported by ground-breaking research more than 10 years in the making, Brian tackles head-on the enduring problem for investors: that most funds are simply not good enough. And he presents compelling, straightforward and highly profitable solutions to that particular challenge.

You can find the show notes for this episode, along with some useful links, at

Please take a moment to say thank you to Brian on Twitter, and wish him every success with his new new book; you can find him @Brian_Dennehy.

Here’s my conversation with Brian Dennehy author of Clueless, in episode 367 of Informed Choice Radio.