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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

May 11, 2020

There's no getting around the fact that tough times hurt.

Right now, we're all living through some pretty tough times.

My guest on the podcast today is Suzy Reading.

Suzy is a chartered psychologist (B. Psych (Hons), M.Psych (Org)) and qualified yoga teacher from Australia, specializing in wellbeing.

In her latest book, Self-care for Tough Times, Suzy offers a gentle yet powerful process for developing a self-care toolkit to call on during difficult periods.

As Financial Planners, we often witness the tough times in life experienced by our clients; relationship breakdown, illness or death in the family, financial strain, times of change and transition.

During these times, and indeed at all times, self-care is so important.

The practices I discuss with Suzy are designed to promote healing and hope, and many are quick and easy for times when you feel exhausted or vulnerable so that you can both cope in the moment during tough times, then recover and restore after these difficult chapters of life.

Here's my conversation with Suzy Reading, author of Self-care for Tough Times, in episode 494 of Informed Choice Radio.