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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Mar 25, 2019

There is increasing pressure for all of us to take responsibility for our own financial security and wellbeing. But we often overlook how the benefits that come with a job can help us do just that.

My guest on the podcast today is Jason Butler, co-author of a new book called Essential Personal Finance: A Practical Guide for Employees.

The book focuses on these valuable work benefits and shows how you can build on this important foundation to achieve financial security and your life goals.

When we talk about valuable financial benefits at work, we're talking about things like pension schemes, life cover, sick pay, access to cheap loans, savings schemes, even financial coaching.

But many of us take these things for granted or simply don't realise how valuable they can be.

A topic we've touched on before on this podcast is financial stress and the impact this can have on our performance in the workplace. So I think this is a really important subject and Jason shares some great insights in this interview; ideas that are equally as valuable for employers and employees.

Here's my conversation with Jason Butler in episode 408 of Informed Choice Radio.