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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

May 25, 2020

We all lead increasingly hectic lives, in many cases shaken up beyond recognition today during the Covid-19 pandemic.

My guest on the podcast today is Gail Golden, author of a leadership development guide called Curating Your Life.

Gail describes a new approach to finding work-life balance.

In the same way a museum curator creates a beautiful and meaningful exhibit by sorting, selecting and arranging artifacts from the museum’s collection, curating your life is about sorting, selecting and arranging your commitments.

The end result should be a the alignment of productivity with personal fulfillment and joy.

Gail has helped hundreds of business leaders achieve high levels of success by teaching them to curate their choices about where to spend both their time and, more importantly, their energy.

She’s the Principal of Gail Golden Consulting, LLC, a management psychology firm specializing in executive coaching and organizational consultation on leadership development.

Gail earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Indiana University. For the first half of her career, she led a psychotherapy practice, taught in the psychology department and the medical school at Western University, and wrote an advice column in The London Free Press.

In mid-career she was ready for a new professional challenge, so she went back to school to earn her MBA from Western University. She combined her clinical experience with her business expertise to become a management psychologist in Chicago.

Here’s my conversation with Gail Golden, author of Curating Your Life, in episode 496 of Informed Choice Radio.