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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Nov 5, 2021

An ever-increasing number of young adults are living in debt, with minimal financial knowledge and without the skills to build long-term wealth.

My guest on the podcast today wants to empower parents to teach their kids how to form life changing money habits.

Through his work and new book, Will Rainey is teaching kids the basics of all money related topics that they will need to be financially secure when they become adults.

Will is a qualified actuary and award-winning investment consultant. His new book is called Grandpa's Fortune Fables.

He's the father to two young daughters, and has always tried to make sure they feel comfortable talking about money.

In our conversation today, we chat about forming money habits at an early age, why debt is like invisible slime, and how not talking about money in front of our kids is the same as telling them money is bad.

Here's my conversation with Will Rainey, author of Grandpa's Fortune Fables, in episode 567 of Informed Choice Radio.