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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Feb 8, 2019

It’s February and I know a lot of people are still feeling the post-Christmas pinch. With so much economic uncertainty in the build up to Brexit, it’s no surprise that we want to earn a little extra money.

A big trend we’ve seen is the rise of the side hustle; no longer relying on the money we earn from the 9-5, but working a 5-9 instead, to earn a second income. That side hustle is often found online, with a variety of different ways of earning extra money.

In the episode today, I’ve brought in a real expert to talk to us about 5 side hustles that can make you extra money in 2019.

Emma Drew has been crowned the UK’s Best Money Making Blogger for the past 3 years. So who better to talk to us about making money from blogging, matched betting, flipping items on eBay, completing online surveys, and even through adult chat lines.