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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Apr 6, 2020

Life is too short to put up with a job you hate.

My guest today is happiness consultant Samantha Clarke, who wants you to say goodbye to the dread of Monday morning.

Samantha is author of Love It Or Leave It, in which she helps you figure out ways to find that work-life balance and be happier and more fulfilled at work.

As a happiness consultant, she is on a mission to liberate individuals from work they no longer love to find a path to true work happiness.

Samantha is also a faculty lecturer at the School of Life and The Guardian Masterclasses, where she facilitates workshops on career potential, building a portfolio career, managing stress, confidence and authentic leadership.

Her podcast series “Conversations with Samantha&” – sees Samantha geek out with philosophers, technologists, heads of people & talent, startup founders and communication experts on the impact of technology on our happiness in work, life and our cities.

Here’s my conversation with Samantha Clarke, author of Love It Or Leave It, in episode 489 of Informed Choice Radio.