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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Oct 6, 2017

This week on the show, we're talking about how to declutter your personal finances.

Katy and I chat about why it's so important to declutter when it comes to your personal finances, before sharing a few of our own tips for decluttering.

Katy Stevens

Katy Stevens is a money blogger known online as Katykicker.

Katy started Katykicker because she was making money online and people wanted to know how.

She’s happy knowing that she is able to share money making and saving websites and tips with her readers. Katy also loves to share product reviews, frugal recipes, the odd craft and much more.

You can follow Katy on Twitter @katykicker.

Personal finance news

-Monarch Airlines has gone out of business, leading to the cancellation of 300,000 flight booking. The Civil Aviation Authority says around 110,000 customers of the airline are currently stranded overseas, in need of repatriation on UK government charter flights.

-The latest Markit/Cips UK manufacturing PMI index shows signs of a slowdown in manufacturing sector growth. Despite a boost for exporters from a weak pound, higher production costs and Brexit uncertainty is hampering growth prospects.

-Prime Minister Theresa May has promised an additional £10bn of funding for the Help to Buy Scheme. The money will help another 135,000 people buy their first home.

-Bank of England governor Mark Carney believes interest rates could rise in the "relatively near term". Speaking to the BBC, Carney suggested that it was time for the bank to "ease its foot off the accelerator".

-Lack of financial protection among women is leaving families in a precarious situation. According to new research from Scottish Widows, despite saying that their households could only pay the bills for seven months should they not be able to work or pass away, only three in ten women have life insurance.