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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Aug 2, 2017

My guest on the show today is Rob Dix, someone who you may well already know if you're at all interested in the world of property investing.

Rob is co-host of the incredibly popular The Property Podcast, along with Rob Bence. He's also founder of the Property Geek blog and podcast, and author of several popular property investing books.

Rob's new book is How To Be A Landlord; a straightforward guide to everything involved in letting and managing a property – whether you’re an accidental landlord or an enthusiastic investor.

In his characteristic simple and entertaining language, How To Be A Landlord covers important steps like preparing the property to let, advertising for tenants, conducting viewings, doing all the paperwork, managing the tenancy, and dealing with any tricky situations that crop up.

In this episode we talk about whether property investing is right for everyone, how Rob got started with his first buy-to-let, if the future for this asset remains bright, finding good value in the current market, some of the pitfalls associated with being a landlord, and steps to finding great tenants. 

Please take a moment to connect with Rob on Twitter, where you can find him @robdix. Mention me too, @martinbamford.

You can find the show notes for this episode at There's useful links and you can also download the full episode transcript. That's all at

Here's my conversation with Rob Dix, author of How To Be A Landlord.