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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jun 19, 2017

My guest on the podcast today is Danielle Marchant, author of the new book Pause: How to press pause before life does it for you.

Danielle has a long work history as a successful executive coach in the corporate industry, working with top-level executives at companies such as HSBC, McKinsey Unilever and SAP.

She has more than 13 years experience working with leaders in 20 different countries; and spent 3 years living and working in Asia, where she set up a pioneering coaching company and an award winning change management consultancy.

After learning that goals and ambitions could be just as happily and successfully achieved when simply allowing the body and mind to pause, she adapted her coaching style with both personal and corporate clients to flow rather than fight against the ups and downs of life.

In her new book, Pause, Danielle gives you the space and the practices so that you can learn how to benefit from the power of the pause.

The book uses nature, creativity and your inner spirit to allow the energy to flow freely once again. There are exercises to ground you, give access to your intuition, to breathe deeply and allow your monkey mind to settle.

Pressing pause is about giving you time to explore what is big in your life right now, to know deep down what matters. It opens you up, allowing you to freely experience all the pain, the joy and the twists and turns of life. It gives you back your courage, your fire and your connection.

Here's my conversation with Danielle Marchant, in episode 230 of Informed Choice Radio.


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