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Informed Choice Radio Personal Finance Podcast

Jun 9, 2017

This week on the show, I'm going on a bit of a rant and talking about why you should pay for your own care in later life.

This was triggered by some new research from Saga, something a journalist asked me to look at earlier in the week. As an Accredited Later Life Adviser, it's something I think about a lot. Whether you're in retirement or a lot younger, this has so much relevance for you, so do keep listening.

Also on the show this week, there's a personal finance news update; everything you need to know about the world of personal finance this week in five carefully selected news items. I share my favourite money article this week, a random fact about money, and leave you feeling inspired with an inspirational personal finance quote.

There's also the aftershow, where I talk about what's going on in the world of Informed Choice right now - and why, after recording this episode, I'm jumping in the car to drive down to sunny Folkestone.

Personal finance news

-It takes earnings of £134,170 a year to be considered 'wealthy', according to new research.

-New figures show a record number of taxpayers are paying income tax at the highest rate.

-The annual rate of house price growth in the UK is continuing to slow.

-The average employee only has enough cash savings to last them for a month if their income suddenly stopped.

-Eurozone economies have reported better than expected economic growth in the first quarter.

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